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Learn more about this annual event that qualifies for continuing education credits in 40+ states.

Discover our courses that qualify for continuing education credits in 40+ states.

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Register here: https://www.eventreg.purdue.edu/ec2k/CourseListing.aspx?master_id=3451&master_version=1&course_area=1158&course_number=515&course_subtitle=00

Register here: https://www.eventreg.purdue.edu/ec2k/CourseListing.aspx?master_id=3454&master_version=1&course_area=1158&course_number=511&course_subtitle=00

Register here: https://www.eventreg.purdue.edu/ec2k/CourseListing.aspx?master_id=3452&master_version=1&course_area=1158&course_number=509&course_subtitle=00

Register here: https://www.eventreg.purdue.edu/ec2k/CourseListing.aspx?master_id=3459&master_version=1&course_area=1158&course_number=507&course_subtitle=00

Register here: https://www.eventreg.purdue.edu/ec2k/CourseListing.aspx?master_id=3449&master_version=1&course_area=1158&course_number=506&course_subtitle=00

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Developed by entomologists at Purdue University, these noncredit courses provide the latest in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices with the flexibility working professionals need. In addition to correspondence, several of the courses are now available online. You may enroll anytime and study whenever and wherever you choose.Click here to see our catalog: www.eventreg.purdue.edu/ec2k/Heading.aspx?heading_id=245 ... See MoreSee Less
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Turfgrass Pest Management is a comprehensive training program focusing on turfgrass management and the importance of integrated pest management in both cool- and warm- season turfgrass. You will learn about chemical pesticides and the environmental fate of pesticides; equipment and calibration; turfgrass diseases and their control; and the identification, biology and management of weeds, diseases, insects, and vertebrate pests in both warm- and cool- season turfgrass.Register here: www.eventreg.purdue.edu/ec2k/CourseListing.aspx?master_id=3451&master_version=1&course_area=1158&... ... See MoreSee Less
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Termites and Other Wood Destroying Pests course provides extensive information on wood-destroying organisms, insects, and diseases common to urban and industrial areas. You will learn about pest prevention and control and arthropod and disease identification. You will also learn about the biology of subterranean termites, drywood and dampwood termites, carpenter ants, powderpost beetles (anobiid, bostrichid, and lyctid), old house borers, round-headed borers, flat-headed borers, and other wood-boring beetles.Register here: www.eventreg.purdue.edu/ec2k/CourseListing.aspx?master_id=3454&master_version=1&course_area=1158&... ... See MoreSee Less
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This course will train professional pest managers and public building and landscape managers to work together to develop and implement safe, effective IPM programs in sensitive public areas such as schools, daycares, restaurants, museums, hospitals, and parks, where mismanagement could lead to serious human and environmental harm.Register here: www.eventreg.purdue.edu/ec2k/CourseListing.aspx?master_id=3452&master_version=1&course_area=1158&... ... See MoreSee Less
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