83rd Annual
Pest Management Conference

The Top Conference for Progressive Pest Management

January 7-9, 2019

Registration will open October 1, 2018


Statement of Purpose

The Purdue University Pest Management Conference is committed each year to providing the information needed for our industry to move forward. The use of new ideas and technologies promote innovative and environmentally sensitive approaches to pest management. The foundation for progressive pest management is built upon strong programs in continuing education and advanced training. Thus, the Purdue Conference has been designed by an Industry Planning Committee to assist you and your company in meeting these goals.

All it takes is an inquisitive entomologist!
– J.J. Davis, Purdue Entomology Department Head.

Add the friendship of the national leader of pest control professionals, Bill Buettner, NPMA’s executive director, and you have the formula for building an educational system on ideals and ethics. J.J. addressed the 1936 NPMA Annual Convention in Cleveland on industry educational goals, which laid the groundwork for the first Purdue University Conference in January 1937. Being the first educational conference for pest control professionals, attendance was expected to be 10 – 15; instead there were 78 registrations from 14 states. J.J. commented “Never have I found a group of persons more eager to aid themselves.” A conference has been held each year since, including 2014’s blizzard conference (with the university officially closed); the desire for an educational update could not be denied as more than 100 professionals organized their own program for a 3-day conference, snowed-in at Purdue’s Memorial Union.

The Purdue Conference has continued to grow, and evolve, as have conferences, workshops, and other educational meetings across the U.S., as well as many countries world-wide. These educational efforts have paved the way for a professional pest management industry, utilizing a spirit of cooperation to address issues, new technologies, and sound pest management practices for the protection of health, property, and food.  Within this context, the Purdue Conference will continue to be cutting edge.


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Congratulations to our survey drawing winner:
Peter Gianakas

In-House Planning Committee


Center Coordinator & Conf. Chair


Conference Manager


Graduate Student Assistant


Conference Coordinator

Industry Planning Committee

Carrie Campbell - CHAIR

Hatfield Pest Control
LaPorte, Indiana

Dale Baker

J.T. Eaton
Twinsburg, Ohio

Brad Harbison

PCT Magazine
Richfield, Ohio

Sarah Hughson

University of Illinois
Urbana, Illinois

Lee Humberg

USDA Aphis Wildlife Services
West Lafayette, Indiana

Rob Jackson

Jackson Pest Management
Leo, Indiana

Phil Nixon

University of Illinois, Department of Crop Sciences
Urbana, Illinois

Leo Reed

Office of the Indiana State Chemist
West Lafayette, Indiana

Cheri Janssen

Purdue Pesticide Programs
West Lafayette, Indiana

Sara Kantarovich McGuire

Niles, Illinois

Dini Miller

Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, Viginia

Dave Mueller

Insects Limited
Westfield, Indiana

Mark Vanderwerp

Rose Pest Solutions
Troy, Michigan


CCH/CEU Information
  • General Instructions
  • A CCH/CEU guide will be provided at the conference registration window.  This guide will include information on all states’ requirements to receive credits.  Keep in mind that different states have different rules and may require you attend the entire conference, specific talks or sessions, or complete separate paper forms.  There is also information pertaining to state’s requirements on the interactive map which will be updated as states approve the conference for credit beginning late October.  The map will be updated early each week with the latest approvals.  In preparation for the conference, it is suggested that you review your state(s)’s requirements as it may affect your schedule while you are in attendance at Purdue.  

  • Completion Certificates
  • A completion certificate can be printed for conference attendees who request one during or after the conference.  We will confirm your registration and attendance with our conference department before providing a certificate. If you would like a completion certificate please complete the form below.

  • Office of the Indiana State Chemist
  • Visit the Office of the Indiana State Chemist if you have questions about your license or other accredited workshops in the area.

    If you are from outside the state of Indiana and want to view the applicator categories as defined by the OISC, see the list here.


REGISTER ONLINE Registration is now open!

  • Register by phone at 1-866-515-0023

  • Download a copy of the general registration form (will be available Oct. 1)
    send via USPS to
    Purdue Conferences
    Stewart Center, Room 116
    128 Memorial Mall
    West Lafayette, IN 47907

  • Checking in at the registration desk
  • When you arrive at Purdue, please park in the Grant Street Parking Garage (PGG on the map) and enter the Purdue Memorial Union which is just across from the parking garage on Grant Street.  Signs will direct you from the parking garage to the registration window in Stewart Center.

  • Purchase a pre-printed copy of the conference manual
  • There will be an option to order a printed copy during registration. Pre-ordered manuals will be available at the registration window.

  • Bar code scanning/CCH forms
  • The Purdue Pest Management Conference uses barcode scanning to track attendance during the conference.  In conjunction with this technology, we use a simple paper form for attendees to manually track the courses they have attended.  It is important for attendees to use both methods to insure they receive credit for the courses they attend.  The hard copy form is meant to serve as a record for attendees to track their own attendance and can be used in the event that errors occur during the bar code scanning process.






Dining on Campus and surrounding area


Maps of Campus


Parking Maps


Maps of STEW & PMU


  • The exhibition is held in the Ballrooms of the Memorial Union. This year we will have exhibits open in the Exhibit Hall on Monday, January 7th from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.  This will be our Exhibit Reception with hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar available.  Tuesday, January 8th, the exhibit hall will be open from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Detailed information about the exhibition will be included in the conference registration materials that are distributed to each attendee when he or she checks in. 

    A reminder on the exhibitor registration procedure being used this year:  On Monday, January 7, 2019 between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., all exhibitors must first report to the registration area, located in the east foyer of Stewart Center to pick up their credentials and passes for the exhibit area. Exhibitors may begin setting up in the Ballrooms at 10:00 a.m.  In order for your exhibit to be set-up for the Exhibition Reception on Monday, January 7th, we strongly suggest you plan your travel arrangements to arrive and complete registration by at least 4:00 p.m.  The exhibit area will close at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 8, 2019.  All exhibits must be removed before 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 8, 2019.  

    2019 Exhibitor Brochure

    Download a copy of the exhibitor registration form


  • Registering online, over the phone and by mail
  • ONLINE EXHIBITOR REGISTRATION (will be available in October.)

  • Register by phone at 1-866-515-0023

  • Download a copy of the exhibitor registration form (will be available in October.)
    send via USPS to
    Purdue Conferences
    Stewart Center, Room 116
    128 Memorial Mall
    West Lafayette, IN 47907

  • Checking in at the registration desk
  • When you arrive at Purdue, please park in the Grant Street Parking Garage and enter the Purdue Memorial Union which is just across from the parking garage on Grant Street.  Signs will direct you from the parking garage to the registration window in Stewart Center. Be sure to arrive early so you can have your booth set up and ready by the time the exhibit hall opens at 10am. You will be permitted access to the Purdue Memorial Union Ballrooms at 8am on Monday. YOU MUST CHECK IN AT REGISTRATION BEFORE YOU WILL BE PERMITTED ACCESS TO THE EXHIBIT HALL. All representatives must have a conference badge with an exhibitor ribbon to run the exhibit booths. If you are behind a booth without a ribbon, you will be asked to return to the registration window to register as an exhibitor.

  • Purchase a pre-printed copy of the conference manual
  • There will be an option to order a printed copy during registration. Pre-ordered manuals will be available at the registration window.






Dining on Campus and surrounding area


Maps of Campus


Parking Maps


Maps of STEW & PMU



  • Full Program

    Monday, January 7

    9:00 am – 5:00 pmRegistration Open
    East Foyer – Stewart Center (STEW)

    Monday, January 7 Mid-Day
    For Technicians ONLY (OPTIONAL) Loeb Playhouse Moderator: Dale Baker, J.T. Eaton

    10 am - 12 pmPi Chi Omega Presents: The Avengers of IPM & Why Techs are So Important
    Dini Miller; Virginia Tech, Arnold Ramsey; FMC & Mark Sheperdigian; Rose Pest Solutions
    Highlights the role of technicians in pest management including safety, importance of techs in protecting health, property and food.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 2 each in 3A, 3B, 7A, 7B, 7D, 8 & RT

    Monday, January 7 Afternoon
    General Session Loeb Playhouse Moderator: Gary Bennett

    1:00 pm – 1:30 pmOpening Ceremonies
    Gary Bennett; Purdue University

    1:30 pm – 3:00 pmGerman Cockroach: Assessment-Based Pest Management
    Dini Miller; Virginia Tech
    A new strategy in cockroach IPM - using bait placements based on population measurements.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 1.5 each in 7A & RT

    3:00 pm – 3:20 pm Break - Please scan in at the end of break
    Loeb Foyer

    3:20 pm – 5:20 pm RODENT BLOCK
     Smile! You are on Candid Camera
    Claudia Riegel; City of New Orleans Mosquito, Termite & Rodent Control Board
    Smile, You Are on Candid Camera - using video and other electronics to measure rodent populations.

     New Technologies in Rodent Management
    Bobby Corrigan; RMC Consulting
    New Technologies in Rodent Management - new technologies to monitor and manage rodents - equipment, chemical, and non-chemical methods and materials.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 2 each in 7A & RT

    Monday, January 7 Evening
    Exhibit Reception Purdue Memorial Ballrooms

    5:30 pm – 8:30 pmExhibit Reception
    All conferees welcome.

    Tuesday, January 8

    7:30 am – 5:00 pmRegistration Open
    East Foyer – Stewart Center (STEW)

    Tuesday, January 8 Morning
    CONCURRENT WDO Session STEW 214 Moderator: TBD

    8:00 am – 9:00 amWDO: WDI, Inspections & Research
    Ed Freytag, City of New Orleans Mosquito, Termite & Rodent Control Board
    New developments in monitoring and managing termites and other WDO.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 1 each in 7B, 12 & RT

    9:00 am – 9:20 amConcurrent Session Break
    Please scan in at the end of break.

    9:20 am – 10:20 amFuture of Termite Control
    Bob Davis; BASF
    There are new developments on the horizon in termite management. This talk will preview things to come.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 1 each in 7B, 12 & RT

    CONCURRENT Bed Bug Session Fowler Hall Moderator: TBD

    8:00 am – 9:00 amUsing Heat  
    Mark Sheperdigian; Rose Pest Solutions
    The latest tools and strategies in using heat to manage bed bugs.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 1 each in 7A & RT

    9:00 am – 9:20 amConcurrent Session Break
    Please scan in at the end of break.

    9:20 am – 10:20 amMaterials and Methods Update

    Gene White; Rentokil USA
    The latest chemical and non-chemical technologies for use in bed bug management and how to integrate these tools into effective programs.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 1 each in 7A & RT

    10:30 am – 2:00 pmExhibits Open
    Ballrooms – Purdue Memorial Union (PMU)

    Tuesday, January 8 Mid-Morning
    For Technicians ONLY (OPTIONAL) STEW 214 Moderator: TBD

    10:40 am – 11:40 amThe Insect Trifecta: Pests Sharing Space
    Jeff McGovern; The Resource Shop
    Conflicting pest problems and conflicting chemical labels - how to package progress.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 1 each in 7A & RT

    Tuesday, January 8 Afternoon
    For Technicians ONLY (OPTIONAL) STEW 214) Moderator: TBD

    12:45 pm – 1:45 pmBack to Basics with Safety
    Scott Robbins; Action Pest Control
    Developing programs that meet all the criteria for safety, that meet label requirements, and that meet IPM standards.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 1 each in 3A, 3B, 7A, 7B, 7D, 8 & RT

    Tuesday, January 8 Afternoon
    CONCURRENT Technical Session STEW 214 Moderator: TBD

    2:00 pm – 3:00 pmAnt Update: Odorous House, Pavement & Carpenter Ants
    Mike Bentley; NPMA
    Ants continue as the #1 pest group. Update on behavior, biology, and management strategies.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 1 each in 7A, 7B, 12 & RT

    3:00 pm – 3:20 pm

    Break - Please scan in at the end of break.
    STEW 202

    3:20 pm – 4:20pmDeath, Taxes and Flies
    Mark VanderWerp; Rose Pest Solutions
    Flies are a growing challenge. Tips and trends in monitoring and managing these pests.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 1 each in 7A & RT

    4:20 pm – 4:40 pm

    Break - Please scan in at the end of break.
    STEW 202

    4:40 pm – 5:40 pmIPM in Sensitive Government Accounts
    Kathy Heinsohn; American Pest
    Government buildings (including laboratories) involve a wide range of sensitive areas requiring specialized IPM services. Dr. Heinsohn will provide guidance of value to all PMPs.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 1 each in 7A & RT

    Tuesday, January 8 Afternoon
    CONCURRENT Food Pest Session Fowler Hall Moderator: TBD

    2:00 pm – 3:00 pmPICS Technology & Stored Product Pests
    Dieudonné Baributsa; Purdue University
    How the PICS technology works and its impacts across the globe. Implications of this technology for the future of stored product pest management.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 1 each in 7A & RT

    3:00 pm – 3:20 pm Break – Please scan in at the end of break.
    STEW 202

    3:20 pm – 4:20 pmFSMA
    Dominique Sauvage; Copesan
    New developments in food pest managment and how FSMA is impacting IPM.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 1 each in 7A, 7D & RT

    4:20 pm – 4:40 pm Break – Please scan in at the end of break.
    STEW 202

    4:40 pm – 5:40 pmThe Dirty Dozen; Insects in Food Handling Areas
    Pat Kelley; Insects Limited
    The most important pests of food and their related IPM practices and procedures will be updated.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 1 each in 7A, 7D & RT

    Tuesday, January 8 Evening
    Purdue Entomology Lab Tours
    meet 10 minutes before tour start time in STEW East Foyer
    Grzesiek Buczkowski, Ameya Gondhalekar, Gwen Pearson & Mike Scharf; Purdue University

    5:50 pm – 6:50 pm

    Sign-up at Room 107 or the Urban booth during the Exhibit Reception


    7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

    Sign-up at Room 107 or the Urban booth during the Exhibit Reception


    Tuesday, January 8 Evening
    CONCURRENT Fumigation Session STEW 218 Moderator: TBD

    7:00 pm – 9:00 pmFumigation Update
    Sean Brantley: Emory Brantley & Sons
    New technologies, equipment, strategies and laws and regulations in fumigation will be discussed.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 2 each in 7D & RT

    Tuesday, January 8 Evening
    CONCURRENT Wildlife Session STEW 214 Moderator: TBD

    8:00 pm – 9:00 pmUrban Wildlife: A Growing Concern
    Jared Miller; VarmentGuard
    An ever-expanding area of IPM will be addressed, with the new products, equipment and practices being highlighted.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 1 each in 7A & RT

    Wednesday, January 9  

    7:30 am – 10:30 pmRegistration Open
    East Foyer – Stewart Center (STEW)

    Wednesday, January 9 Morning
    General Session Loeb Playhouse Moderator: TBD

    8:00 am – 10:00 amGoing Green: Products & Practices to Meet Consumer Demands
    Darren Van Steenwyk, Clark Pest Control & Mike Bentley, NPMA
    Green products and methods including exclusion and natural products. What works and what doesn’t. How to structure IPM strategies and programs to meet consumer needs.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 2 each in 7A & RT

    10:00 am – 10:20 am Break - Please scan in at the end of break.
    Loeb Foyer

    10:20 am – 11:20 amRegulatory Update & Drones
    Dave Scott, Office of the Indiana State Chemist
    New issues and developments in the pesticide regulations arena and use of drones in IPM (including regs and guidelines for their use).
    Indiana CCH Credits: 1 each in 3A, 3B, 4, 5, 6, 7A, 7B, 7D, 8, 12 & RT

    Wednesday, January 9 Mid-morning
    North & South Ballrooms Purdue Memorial Union

    11:30 am – 1:00 pmAwards & Recognition Luncheon
    Master of Ceremonies: TBD

    Wednesday, January 9 Afternoon
    General Session Loeb Playhouse Moderator: TBD

    1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Fresh from the Purdue Labs
    Grzesiek Buczkowski, Ameya Gondhalekar & Mike Scharf; Purdue University
    Research updates from the Urban Center Labs at Purdue, and how PMPs can put this information to use.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 1 each in 7A, 7B & RT

    2:00 pm – 2:20 pm Break - Please scan in at the end of break.
    Loeb Foyer

    2:20 pm – 3:20 pmInsect ID
    Adam Salyer; Purdue University
    What you need to know and why you need to know it before implementing an IPM program.
    Indiana CCH Credits: 1 each in 7A, 7B, 8 & RT

  • 2019 Block Schedule




Dr. Dieudonné Baributsa

Purdue University Department of Entomology

Dr. Dieudonné Baributsa is an Associate Professor in the Department of Entomology at Purdue University. He obtained his masters and PhD from Michigan State University. Dieudonné worked at Michigan State University as a Visiting Assistant Professor and the Program Associate for the USAID project in in Central Asia. Before joining MSU, Dieudonné worked as the researcher and Director of an Agricultural Research Station in Northern Rwanda.  He joined the Purdue's Department of Entomology as a Research Assistant Professor in 2012. He currently leads the Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) Program aimed at reducing postharvest storage losses among smallholder farmers. Dieudonné focuses on applied research and innovative extension approaches to address post-harvest storage pest losses in developing countries. Dieudonné broad areas of interest include agricultural technology development/dissemination; supply chain and market development for agricultural technologies; and ICT innovations in agriculture. He has received the following awards: Purdue Agriculture TEAM Award, Purdue Improved Crop Storage Team; Purdue University Corps of Engagement Award, Purdue Improved Crop Storage Team; Seed Award, Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS3) Project, Purdue University; Seed Award, Purdue Afghan Agricultural Extension Project (AEEP), Purdue University; International IPM Excellence Award, Purdue Improved Cowpea Storage (team award); Purdue Improved Cowpea Storage Project (PICS) named "Best Practice" by Interaction, a consortium of NGOs, Washington, DC; International IPM Excellence Award, IPM CRSP Project.


Dr. Mike Bentley

National Pest Management Association

Dr. Mike Bentley is the Director of Training and Education for the National Pest Management Association. He is a board certified entomologist who holds a Ph.D. in urban entomology from the University of Florida. His doctorate research focused on understanding environmental factors that influence the success of invasive ants in the southeastern US. Prior to earning his doctorate, Mike spent 5 years working in the pest management industry where he held multiple technical and operations roles for a nationwide pest control company. Mike also has a Master of Science degree in medical and veterinary entomology from the University of Florida where he studied the host-seeking behavior of malaria-transmitting mosquitoes.


Sean Brantley

Emory, Brantley & Sons Termite & Pest Control Inc.

Sean Brantley is Vice President at Emory, Brantley & Sons Termite & Pest Control Inc. in Pinellas, Florida. He is a 3rd generation PCO and native Floridian. He is a regular instructor at the University of Florida’s School of Structural Fumigation, a Florida CEU provider, a Director for the FPMA, the Florida Pest Management Association's Fumigation Advisory Committee Chairperson, FPMA Government Affairs Committee Chairperson, member of the NPMA Fumigation Committee, the Florida NPMA SPAR, expert witness for fumigation related cases and consultant for industry. He holds a degree from St. Petersburg College, University of Florida's Wedgworth Leadership Institute for Agriculture and Natural Resources.


Dr. Grzegorz Buczkowski

Purdue University Department of Entomology

Dr. Grzegorz Buczkowski is an Associate Professor and Director of the Industrial Affiliates Program, Center for Urban and Industrial Pest Management at Purdue University.  Grzesiek has over 20 years’ experience working with and researching ants and cockroaches.  He received his BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees from North Carolina State University.


Dr. Bobby Corrigan

RMC Pest Management

Dr. Bobby Corrigan has been active in urban and industrial pest management for over 35 years and is owner of RMC Pest Management in Richmond, Indiana.  He provides training and consulting services to the pest management and food industries.  Prior to forming his company, Bobby was a teacher and researcher in urban and industrial pest management with the Department of Entomology at Purdue University.  Bobby’s experience ranges from technician to author.  Bobby holds an AAS degree in pest control from State University of New York, a B.S. degree in Urban and Industrial Entomology from Purdue, and Masters and Ph.D. also from Purdue.  He is easily one of the most requested speakers to appear on the Purdue conference program.


Dr. Bob Davis

BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions

Dr. Bob Davis has a varied employment background. Positions have included; Fisheries Biologist, Pest Control Operator, Pest Control Technician, Extension Research Specialist, Graduate Research Assistant, Technical Director for ABC Pest & Lawn Services of Austin, TX and Technical Field Representative for Aventis and Bayer Environmental Sciences. Bob is presently employed as a Technical Services Representative for BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions. Bob received his educational degrees from the University of Nebraska (UNL). At UNL he received a BS degree in Natural Resources and his MS and Ph.D. from UNL. He is a Board Certified Entomologist and is active in the Entomological Society of America. His graduate work was focused on testing and evaluating termite control materials and techniques. Bob has multiple publications in peer reviewed journals and has provided educational materials and articles through extension and professional magazine venues. He has provided many and varied educational and research presentations in our industry for over twenty-five years.


Ed Freytag

New Orleans Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control Board

Ed Freytag currently works for the New Orleans Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control Board. His experience includes:  Supervisor of City Facilities pest control, photography and videography, assists in mosquito, termite and rodent control activities, presents PowerPoint talks at recertification classes in-state and out of state, conducts termite inspections in City buildings and for the pest control industry. He holds an MS degree in Entomology from the University of Wyoming. He was won several photography awards, including first-place twice for the Pest Control Technology magazine contest. He also photographed and filmed the construction and deconstruction of the Tiny Termite House project for the National Pest Management Association. He was born in Honduras, attended high school in Puerto Rico and is fluent in Spanish. He was infected with Dengue in his sophomore year of high school.


Dr. Ameya Gondhalekar

Purdue University Department of Entomology

Dr. Ameya Gondhalekar is a research assistant professor and sponsored product research manager in the Center for Urban and Industrial Pest Management at Purdue University. He is originally from Mumbai, India where he received his bachelors and masters degrees in Agricultural Sciences and Entomology, respectively. His training in Urban Entomology began at the University of Florida, where he completed his PhD working with German cockroach toxicology and resistance management. After a brief 1 year post-doctoral training at Purdue he was hired as a research faculty at Purdue's Urban Entomology center. His research program focuses on basic biology and integrated management of urban insect pests. Although Dr. Gondhalekar has experience in working with biology and management of all major urban insect pests, he is currently working with cockroaches and bed bugs. The ultimate goal of his basic biology research is to identify physiological weak links in insect development that can be targeted to improve current control strategies or devise novel control methods. And the long-term goal of the applied/ management aspects of his research are to find new ways to overcome insecticide resistance in urban pests, develop non-chemical technologies for use in urban IPM and improve current IPM techniques. Ameya has been actively working in the field of urban entomology research and/or pest management for just over 10 years. He has been invited to present the Urban and Structural Entomology research highlights in the Medical, Urban, and Veterinary Entomology (MUVE) section business meeting at the Entomological Society of America (ESA) annual meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He has served as a speaker at several NPMA and Industry sponsored conferences and webinars. He also provides consultation to various pest control companies on bed bug and cockroach control and insecticide resistance management.


Dr. Kathy Heinsohn

American Pest

Dr. Kathy Heinsohn has over 27 years of experience in the Pest Control Industry. She is a Training and Technical Entomologist for American Pest (AP) in the Washington DC metro area (Fulton, M.D).  She has worked at American Pest since April, 2010.  Prior to coming to A.P., she was the Senior Staff Entomologist with the National Pest Management Association (N.P.M.A.) in Fairfax, V.A. from January, 2006 until March, 2010.  Before working at N.P.M.A., she was a Regional Entomologist also in the DC metro area with Western Pest Services for almost 8 years.  In all of her positions, she has been responsible for developing and delivering training and technical programs for Industry P.M.P.s (technicians, their supervisors, and salespeople) and also for their customers; she has worked in all areas of pest management: residential, termite and commercial divisions, including sensitive accounts.  She is currently affiliated with A.P.’s Government Division and is the Contract Entomologist for the National Institutes of Health (N.I.H.) Animal Care account.  She conducts Quality Control inspections and consulting on pest issues for all areas at NIH, including Animal Care, Patient Care, Support, and Food Service.  She also participates in the State Department Embassy program for solving pest problems and has helped put together an IPM online class for embassy staff, as well as travelled to the U.S. Embassy in Tunisia to deliver an IPM program. She is currently a member of N.P.M.A.’s Technical Committee.  She formerly sat on the Copesan Technical Committee, as well.  She is a past Secretary, Director, and 3-time student scholarship recipient of Pi Chi Omega, the pest control fraternity.  She was a member of the Editorial Board for Pest Management Professional Magazine for 5 years.  Kathy has also authored two book chapters in PCT’s Guide to Commercial Pest Management. She holds a B.S. and M.S. in Zoology from Clemson University and a Ph.D. in Urban Entomology (Dr. Gary Bennett’s lab) from Purdue University.  She was a Fulbright scholar to Germany in 1985 and a PEO scholar in 1994.   She is a Board Certified Entomologist (B.C.E.) in two areas of entomology (Urban and Structural Pest Management since 2001) and (Medical and Veterinary since 2018). She is also an ACE exam development committee member for the Entomological Society of America (ESA).  She was awarded the Distinguished Service Award to the ESA’s Certification Program in 2014.


Patrick Kelley

Insects Limited, Inc.

Patrick Kelley is president of Insects Limited, Inc. in Westfield, Indiana. He has 32 years’ experience with Insects Limited and was the former General Manager of Fumigation Service and Supply. He holds a BS from Purdue University and a MS in Entomology from the University of Nebraska. Pat is a board certified entomologist. He co-authored the chapter on Stored Product Insects in the 10th Edition of the Mallis Handbook of Pest Control. Pat is a consultant to the food and grain industries on issues related to stored product insects.


Dr. Dini M. Miller

Virginia Tech University

Dr. Dini M. Miller is a Professor at the Virginia Tech University, and the Urban Pest Management Specialist for the state of Virginia.  Dr. Miller is an internationally recognized expert in the area of urban pest management, particularly bed bug biology, behavior and control.  She has produced a number of bed bug action plans for the management of infestations in different environments, and published one of the first scientific papers evaluating modern bed bug response to insecticide treatments in the field.  Dr. Miller’s extension program is designed to train pest management professionals, public health officials, apartment and hotel managers, and homeowners to control indoor pests while reducing their pesticide exposure risk. Likewise, her research program focuses on the evaluation and enhancement of reduced toxicity methods for structural pest control. Dini received her undergraduate degree from UCLA in 1991 where she majored in Geography/Ecosystems.  She completed her Masters (1994) and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Florida (1998) where she studied Urban Entomology, specifically German cockroach biology and aggregation behavior.  Dr. Miller has won numerous awards for her work in urban entomology including the pest control industry’s Crown Leadership Award, the Entomological Society of America’s (Eastern Branch) Distinguished Achievement Award in Extension, and the Gamma Sigma Delta Award of Merit in Extension, the 2012 Virginia Tech University Alumni Award for Excellence in Extension and most recently the Virginia Pest Management Industry Stewardship Award in 2014. 

Dr. Miller and her graduate students have been spending numerous hours in the field and the laboratory evaluating the efficacy of our current bed bug, cockroach and subterranean termite control tools.  In 2014, Dr. Miller and Molly Stedfast developed the Virginia Tech Bed Bug and Urban Pest Information Center (funded by the Virginia Pesticide Control Act). The purpose of the center is to prepare the pest management industry, apartment managers, schools, shelters, and hotel personnel for the challenges inherent in managing pest infestations (particularly bed bugs) throughout the next decade. 


Jared Miller

Varment Guard

Jared Miller is a wildlife and bird manager at Varment Guard. He holds an Associate’s Degree in Wildlife and Fish Management from Hocking Collage and a BS from the University of Idaho in Wildlife Resources. He has 5 years’ experience as a Wildlife Technician and 6 years as a manager both at Varment Guard.

Jeff McGovern

Professional Speaker

Jeff McGovern is nationally recognized in the pest control industry.  In 1973, Jeff began working in the pest control industry and held various positions within several companies that allowed him travel throughout the US and SE Asia.   Jeff developed a unique perspective with extraordinary examples of pest control options and a mission.  Through his mission to improve conventional methods of IPM programs, he created an effective and comprehensive program that not only addresses the pests, but also the conditions of the site that lead to the problem.  His “12 Key Factors” program is currently in use by professional pest control operators and clients around the world.  Jeff’s mission continues to drive change in the pest control industry. Jeff, sometimes referred to as the “Pest Coach” for his abundant knowledge of pests, is known for his practical, down to earth style; Jeff’s engaging and humorous personality enable him to connect with his audience immediately and deliver content that they can utilize immediately in their daily working environment.  He also understands the demands and expectations of government agencies and works to create a program that not only meets the needs and protects the brand of the client but assures the health, safety and property of the public as well. As a leading consultant and pest control expert, Jeff is a speaker at the annual Purdue University Pest Management and Interstate Pest Management (Baltimore, MD) conferences.  His active relationships with professionals at the USDA and numerous others in the field keep his recommendations current and dynamic. He teaches recertification classes for pest control firms and state associations across the country.  His articles regularly appear in Pest Management Professional (PMP) and Pest Control Technology (PCT) magazines and he was published in The Journal of Economic Entomology in 2000.   He appears in several training videos and has been the voice over talent as well.


Arnold Ramsey

FMC Corporation

Arnold Ramsey serves as the Midwest Market Specialist for FMC Corporation where his responsibilities include pesticide sales, field technical essistance and product R&D. He holds a BS in Chemistry from San Diego State University. His FMC career includes Midwest Market Specialist (3) years, Midwest Sales Manager (7) years, Formulations Chemist (2.5) years, Residue (Analytical) Environmental Chemist (4) years, Corporate Technical Representative (4) years. Prior to his FMC career, Mr. Ramsey worked as a Pest Management Professional for the Dept. of Defense (2) yrs. – Total 23.5 (yrs)


Dr. Claudia Riegel

New Orleans Mosquito and Termite Control Board

Dr. Claudia Riegel holds a BS from Purdue University, an MS from the University of Georgia and a PhD from the University of Florida in Entomology and Nematology. She is a senior entomologist for the city of New Orleans Mosquito and Termite Control Board, where she provides technical support for the City of New Orleans and the pest control industry, conducts independent research, collaborates with industry for enhancements of existing products and testing of new products and collaborates with government organizations and universities on research projects.


Scott Robbins

Action Pest Control

Scott Robbins has over nineteen years' experience in the pest management industry. He is an Associate Certified Entomologist as recognized by the Entomological Society of America and holds applicator certifications in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee. Scott is also an OSHA General Industry Outreach Trainer. Scott serves as Technical Director for Action Pest Control and is responsible for overseeing all facets of technician training, quality assurance and evaluating emerging pest management technologies.


Dr. Adam Salyer

Purdue University Department of Entomology

Dr. Adam Salyer holds a B.A. in Biology and Music: from Augustana College, Rock Island, IL.   After completing a Masters degree at Purdue in urban ant ecology and behavior, Adam continued to study ant behavior and phylogeny for a PhD within Urban and Industrial Pest Management under Dr. Mike Scharf and Dr. Gary Bennet at Purdue. His PhD research focused on building a “family tree” of black carpenter ants (Camponotus pennsylvanicus) and determining the relative importance of genetic vs. geographic closeness of carpenter ants in their aggressive interactions. Adam spent 7 years helping organize and plan Purdue’s pest management conferences and appreciates the many opportunities to learn and network throughout knowledgeable industry professionals.


Dominique Sauvage


Dominique Sauvage has 34 year’s experience in Pest Control and Food Safety throughout the Food and Pharmaceutical industry in 13 different countries. He has experience in the following fields: Food Defense coordinator Level 2; HACCP trainer, Lead HACCP auditor and Preventative Controls Qualified Individual; food safety audits standards and requirements. He has written and presented 10 papers at International Congresses about pest control and food safety as well as 8 articles for 4 different national magazines on Pest Control and HACCP. He is the owner of a Pest Control and Food Safety training and Audit company in Southern Africa. He has carried out over 2,500 Pest Control and Food Safety Audits to date in all fields of the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry’s. He has trained over 6,000 people from varies types of Food Manufacturing Industries. His current position at Copesan as Director of Field Operations affords him the opportunity to influence over 3,500 people and ensure that they are successful in their careers.


Dr. Mike Scharf

Purdue University Department of Entomology

Dr. Mike Scharf is the O. Wayne Rollins/Orkin Chaired Professor in the Department of Entomology at Purdue University. Dr. Scharf earned all three of his degrees from Purdue – a bachelor’s degree in entomology (1991), a master's in urban entomology (1993) and a doctorate in insect toxicology/urban entomology (1997).  In 2010 Mike returned to Purdue from the University of Florida where he was an assistant and associate professor from 2004-2010.  As an entomologist, Mike has always been interested in physiological adaptations in insects that drive evolutionary divergence, especially those adaptations with “real-world” significance such as pesticide resistance. Mike teaches a course on incect toxicology at Purdue, as well as other topics related to urban entomology and insect physiology. He has developed an internationally recognized program that addresses various aspects of physiology, toxicology, genomics, development, symbiosis and digestion in urban pest insects.


David Scott

Office of the Indiana State Chemist

David Scott is currently in the position of pesticide administrator the Office of the Indiana State Chemist.  He has held the past positions of OISC Certification and Licensing Manager, OISC Pesticide Investigator and structural pest control service manager.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in general sciences and biology from Purdue University.


Mark Sheperdigian

Rose Pest Solutions

Mark Sheperdigian Is Vice President of Technical Services with Rose Pest Solutions in Troy, Michigan. His responsibilities include solving company-wide technical issues, developing protocols, troubleshooting, insect/pest ID, manufacturing/vendor relationships, future trends, and forecasting/anticipating developing issues. He has over 30 years’ experience in the pest management industry and holds a B.S. in Entomology from Michigan State University. Shep is a Board Certified Entomologist and a member and past chairman of the Copesan Technical Committee. He has served on the NPMA Technical committee, Commercial committee, the Canine Insect Detection Committee, and the Technical Committee. He is a Pi Chi Omega Board Member and writes a monthly column for Pest Management Professional Magazine.


Darren Van Steenwyk

Clark Pest Control

Darren Van Steenwyk is currently employed by Clark Pest Control as their Technical Director out of Lodi, California.  There, he evaluates products for treatment, establishes basic treatment protocols, deals with regulators and government affairs and represents Clark in various venues.  He holds a B.S. in Biological Sciences (Plant Biology) from UC Davis and a Masters in Pest Management from University of Florida.  He is a Board Certified Entomologist, a LEED Green Associate, and he led Clark to achieve the IPM Innovator Award from the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR).  Darren is active in NPMA (The NPMA Board of Directors, Pest Management Foundation), the Pest Control Operators of California (PCOC) as part of their Legislative Committee and Water Quality Committee; he also works with DPR in surface water, pyrethroid and rodenticide issues.


Mark Vander Werp

Rose Pest Solutions

Mark Vander Werp is the Manager of Education and Training for Rose Pest Solutions in Troy, Michigan where he has been employed for 13 years. He holds a BS in Entomology from Michigan State. He is a licensed applicator in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. Mark is a Board Certified Entomologist and a member of the Michigan Entomological Society. He was the first to discover and document a new invasive species in Michigan, the Elm Seed Bug (Arocatus melanocephalus).


Gene White


Gene White is a native Ohioan who earned his Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Glenville State College, Glenville, West Virginia. Gene's career in Urban Pest Management began in 1981 with experience as technician, sales consultant, supervisor, district manager, and corporate trainer. In 1993 he enrolled at Purdue University and completed his MS degree in Entomology in December of 1996. Gene is an Entomological Society of America Board Certified Entomologist and Global Director of Vector Management for Rentokil-Initial. Rentokil’s corporate offices are headquartered in the United Kingdom and is the largest structural pest management company in the world with offices in 72 countries. Gene’s professional activities include memberships in the Entomological Society of America and secretary for Pi Chi Omega, a profession pest management fraternity. He is also a member of the Purdue Entomology Development Council. During his career, Gene’s created several outreach programs for youth education. One program called “Incredible Edible Insects” reigned for 23 years and was part of Cleveland Metro Parks “Bug City’s - Culinary Bugstitute” event. He also initiated a basic entomology learning program called “Bug Rodeo” presented to underprivileged and summer camp children in Detroit for 10 years! Aside from these duties, Gene is also a regular speaker for industry conferences for the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), the Kentucky Short Course, Purdue Pest Management Conference, and state organizations across the country. Gene enjoys inline skating, bow hunting, fly fishing, firearm marksmanship, and is an accomplished nature photographer. His photographic work has been published in American Entomologist, Pest Control Technology and Pest Management Magazines as well as various industry text books such as;the NPMA’s Field Guide to Structural Pests, the Mallis Handbook of Pest Control, Truman’s Scientific Guide to Pest Management Operations, A Guide to the Cockroaches of Australia, Bugs Be Gone, and Stored Product Protection to name just a few. His photography has also appeared on the Discovery Channel.


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  • Luncheon - This short program will recognize attendee anniversaries and student scholarship winners.

    • Attendance Anniversaries and Awards – Long time conference attendees will be recognized with special awards given for 10 years, 25 years and 50 years of attendance. Recognized in 2018:

    • Bob Andrews (2017 and Mahsa Fardisi accepting their anniversary certificates at the 2018 Awards Luncheon.

    • 10-Year Awards

      Bob Andrews - 2017
      Mahsa Fardisi
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    • 25 Year Attendance

      Kevin Connelly
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      Donnie Knight, Phil Nixon, David Edwards, and Kevin Connelly accepting their gifts and anniversary certificates at the 2018 Awards Luncheon.

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    • Scholarships - Over $50,000 in scholarships are awarded each year to graduate and undergraduate students in Purdue’s Entomology department.

    • Row 1: Julia Betz, April Grummer, Ziyan Jin, Hannah Quellhorst, Dr. Karen Plaut, Lauren Quatroche, Sohinee Bera, Samantha Hittson, Megan McCarty, Catherine (Caydee) Terrell, Brianna Pennell, Sudip Gaire, Dr. Linda Mason. Row 2: JoEllen McClain, Hannah Ritter, Ashari Zain, Trent Corby, Michael Clark, Zachery Wolfe, William (Andre) Le Van, Joel Johnson. Row 3: Daniel Edwards, Nicolas Cazzaniga, Dr. Stephen Cameron, Drew Wennmacher, Dayne Hill, Wenbo (Michael) Lee, William Austin, Mathew Dittmann, Michael Woodruff, Michael Crippen, Adam Salyer.


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